Our Story

Our Inspiration

We take great pride in producing high quality Rosella Tea immersed in nutrients. Infused with high levels of antioxidants and vitamin c, Rosella tea will enhance well-being, motivate mind, and fulfill our  bodies with natural supplements.

Our Purpose

We want to encourage everyone to discover the true benefits of rosella. Nature provides natural vitamins, and we aim on focusing our audience’s attention to this aspect.

Our values

Our family-owned business is focused on sustainable, renewable methods and want to share our journey of using organic hand cultivated growing & processing to create your rosella tea.


Having a background in commercial horticulture, we have a deep understanding on how to cultivate & process all your fruit and veg. However, growing Australian Rosella 100% organically has always been one of our dreams. Growing Rosella on our small farm in the Whitsundays is our passion.


Whitsunday Rosella Tea

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